How to enter the firmware boot menu

how to enter the firmware boot menu

how to enter the firmware boot menu

3. On Advanced options screen, click on UEFI Firmware Settings option.. 4. On the next screen, click on Restart to enter UEFI Firmware settings on your computer.. 3. Enter BIOS or UEFI From the Login Screen. If you are not logged into your User Account, you can enter BIOS …

 · The BIOS, sometimes referred to as UEFI firmware on newer computers, tells your PC what storage drives you have and which one to boot from …

 · Press the Power button. See the screen splash to identify the key you must press to enter the firmware (if applicable). Press the required key …

 · Upon powering on the PC, hit the MSI BIOS key—[Del]—key continuously to enter the BIOS menu; navigate to [Boot] > [Boot mode select] and select [LEGACY+UEFI] & [UEFI]; select [Boot Option#1] to choose [UEFI HARD DISK] or [HARD DISK]; finally, select [UEFI Hard disk Driver BBS Priority] or [Hard disk driver BBS Priority] and set [Boot Option#1] as the boot device.

 · Select UEFI Firmware Settings. If you don't see this icon, then press Startup Settings, instead. When your PC is restarting, tap F1 (or F2) to access the BIOS.

 · Windows 8 and 10 consolidate various boot options into a single screen named the “Advanced Options” menu. This menu provides access to repair tools and options for changing Windows startup behavior—such as enabling debugging, booting into …

(or + ) To find out how to enter your system's BIOS setup, restart your computer. As your system boots up, you may be prompted with a message that states, " Press or to enter setup," or " Press , and to enter setup."

Recommended ways to enter BIOS including F1 and an alternate method if timing does not allow F1.

1 Do step 2 (BIOS menu) or step 3 (UEFI firmware settings) depending on how you area able to boot to BIOS or UEFI. 2 To Check BIOS or UEFI Firmware Version using BIOS Menu A) Restart the computer. B) As the PC reboots, press F2, F10, F12, or Del to enter the BIOS or Setup menu.

You’ll need to be comfortable with using a command prompt and configuring the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, also known as the BIOS) on your Surface. For more info, see How to use Surface UEFI. Make this Surface start from a USB drive. Note: If you don’t want to start your Surface from your USB drive, make sure the drive isn't inserted in the USB port on your Surface when you ...

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